The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

An intervention is an invitation to change.


Substance abuse, mental health, chronic pain, & process disorders are hard to face. Oftentimes we need an individualized, hands-on approach to solve these complex problems.

I have dedicated my life’s work to making a difference in the lives of families who are facing crisis and honor you for the courage you demonstrate by seeking health, help, and hope.

I invite you to reach out me & spend some time on my site. When you are ready to explore how you can help your loved one, call me. Your life & the lives of your loved ones are imporant & can get better.

Dr. Louise

Did You Know


US families with at least one addict among their immediate family members.


Addicts in complete denial about their addiction.


Successful interventions when led by a professional interventionist.


Families who will make the decision to seek out professional help with an intervention.

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Dr. Stanger is an extraordinarily passionate advocate for her clients. Her determination, commitment, and expertise are what power her ability to motivate hope and positivity in moments of immense challenge. A true force for good in a complicated world

Strength-based solutions for families.

Solution Focused Recovery Coaching

Dr. Louise works with families and other accountability team members such as business managers, estate attorneys etc to guide all members of the team in the creation of healthy lifestyles and boundaries.
This concierge coaching service which allows team members to reach out in a moments notice along with weekly scheduled phone calls or meetings works in a pragmatic solution focused way building on each team members strength and their ability to choose new ways to relate with loved ones. Dr. Louise frequently collaborates with other licensed professionals who are working with team members in a synergistic fashion. She is often referred challenging families to work with who already have loved ones in treatment to do family work. She works hand in hand with other professionals, physicians, therapists and treatment centers to insure an individual and families success.

"Youth and parents immediately responded to some of the advanced family mapping strategies that Louise reviewed in the training. The training made a strong and positive impact on our staff and ongoing work with our families."

Education is at the heart of everything I do.

Keynote Speaking, Education, Training, & Workshops

Having been a professor, the director of SDSU, School of Social Works continuing education program and an award winning Teacher, including being honored as Faculty Homecoming Dedicatee at SDSU, Dr. Louise knows how to put together engaging and interactive curriculum. Louise prides herself on customizing her presentations and workshops to meet your special needs. So whether you want to create family program curriculum, learn about a specific treatment modality such as Solution Focused Therapy or Motivational Interviewing, try out different intervention strategies, explore over-parenting and it’s effects on young adults, learn how to set up a private practice business, learn how to deal with high-wealth clients or have your own curriculum ideas, Dr. Louise is ready to assist you.

Hire Dr. Louise for your Behavioral Health Speaking or Keynotes and Staff Trainings

"Her work reminds us that FALLING UP in life is a challenge to the gravitational forces at play only if we refuse to deal with what is pulling us down and holding us down."

Noah benShea, International Best Selling Author, Poet, & Philosopher

Born on a fault line of trauma and emotional wreckage…

About Falling Up

Life is full of moments that feel like you’re falling. For Louise Stanger, born into a tipsy-turvy world, that didn’t stop her from making a life of her own. In her book – Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal – Louise shares personal stories infused with a spark of human experience we collectively share — hope. You’ll follow her story from awkward little girl to fearless adult, through family tragedies and triumphs, mental health and substance abuse disorders, daring the reader to reflect and own their story. Because according to Louise, we all fall, and with strength and courageous action, the journey takes us up.

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