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Because addiction impacts the entire family.

Addiction and mental illness are heartbreaking. Watching your loved one struggle is excruciating.

Hope and recovery are closer than you think. Dr. Stanger has a 96% success rate in having a loved one accept treatment.

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Your Journey Has Led You Here. I Can Lead You Back to The One You Love.

Dr. Louise Stanger is one of the nation’s most prolific and experienced interventionists. Her four decades of influence on behavioral health and addiction treatment recently earned her the 2018 Peggy Albrecht Friendly House Service Award, one of the most prestigious in the industry.

Her soulful, personal method to interventions brings compassion and optimism to lives that have become unmanageable due to unwanted behaviors. Through experience, strength and hope, Dr. Stanger provides the keys needed to unlock the chains of addiction and begin healing.

Dr. Stanger travels the country as an intervention specialist, helping families whose loved ones are suffering. Contact her today to start a conversation, find a healing solution, and discover a life worth living.

Dr. Louise Stanger

The Definitive Guide To Addiction Interventions

The first academic text on the subject of addiction interventions, expert interventionist Dr. Stanger co-authored The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions: A Collective Strategy.

At the request of Routledge, Dr. Stanger set out to provide a collective strategy to introduce people to the best practices in addiction intervention, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

The book makes intervention success accessible, while pulling from decades of experience in behavioral health and academia with rich detail and thorough analysis. The book includes downloadable worksheets to further enrich the reader’s practical experience.

Released in the Fall of 2018, The Definitive Guide has received glowing praise from scholars and practitioners alike.

“The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions by Louise Stanger and Lee Weber is a much-needed contribution to the addiction field. The text follows an easy to understand framework that flows from Dr. Stanger’s decades of work in the field.”

Dr. John Clapp, PhD, FAAHB, Professor and Interim Dean, USC School Of Social Work


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