Reclaiming A Healthy Life

The proven coaching program to help your family discover the joy of living your best lives, together.

See why hundreds of people recommend Dr. Stanger to their friends. In-person and remote coaching options available.

Families struggling with addiction, mental health, chronic pain, and process disorders find a path to a healthier life with a 10-Hour Coaching Program. Learn more below.

Dr. Stanger is an award-winning behavioral health professional. She specializes in substance abuse disorders, process addictions, mental health disorders, sudden trauma, grief and loss.

This program is designed to help navigate the painful world of living with a loved one battling these issues. 

Working with families in a pragmatic solution-focused way, she helps them each find strength and the ability to choose new ways to relate to each other.

Empower yourself and move forward with hope and tools for a healthy life.

You deserve a better tomorrow, and the groundwork for that starts today. Are you ready to learn to thrive?

What clients say about working with Dr. Stanger 

“Dr. Stanger is an extraordinarily passionate advocate for her clients.  

Her determination, commitment and expertise are what power her ability to motivate hope and positivity in moments of immense challenge. “

J. Riccobono

“I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all your help.

All you’ve done for me and my family is so special. I’m truly grateful for you. “

D. Goff

“Louise is a leading expert in her field and gifted in her ability to handle any type of situation and personality when it comes to addiction and substance abuse.

We cannot thank her enough for what she has done for our family. “

L. Shields