bright spots

In my upcoming book, Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal, I’ve captured some of life’s special moments: a bucket list of memorable moments that feed my gratitude. While some moments were challenging, others rewarding, all have been ultimately transforming. Here’s an excerpt from the book:


Grandchildren, like sunflowers, grow toward light.
They’re orbs of infinite loving light, traversing our terrestrial heavens, crossing the sky and falling lovingly in our laps. To be part of their lives is an extraordinary gift. Having never had a grandparent, I can only imagine what fun they missed out on without playtime with me. I would watch my mom play with her granddaughters. It was like she was a different person – they play games, color Easter eggs, nibble on party plates, paint their nails with outlandish decals long before it was chic. They even have their own special seats at the local Outrigger Bar.
Being a witness to my grandchildren’s lives enriches my soul.
On a recent weekend, our seven-year-old grandson spent the night. First, it was off to the train store with grandpa to buy and construct trains together. Then we played good guy/bad guy together. The little rascal tied me to my cream-colored chair with a ribbon. I wasn’t going far anyways.
Dinner out with my grandson reminds me of lying on an analyst’s couch, barring my soul; nothing changes in the room. We visit the same restaurant and see the same waitress with a pink T-shirt on, always smiling. She brings him adult French fries, and helps him with his Flat Stanley project. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Flat Stanley – it’s a wonderful literacy project that connects children as pen pals, writing and taking pictures with Stanley as you go on adventures around the world. Finally, our waitress is sure to give my grandson dessert. Ah, the luxury of consistency.

At night, my little grandson turns into a scaredy-cat who claims the house groans with noises, so we always sleep together in my big queen-sized bed.
Weezy! Weezy! Weezy, where are you??
I hear him cry out in the wee hours of the morning.
I’m right here! I call back.
Cuddle me, cuddle me.
And so I do, and off to sleep we go.