I was pleased to be interviewed by Stigma of Addiction on Apr 11th, 2016. Read the article here.

Louise Stanger: Hi Charles


Hello and welcome to Author’s Promoter, today we have the privilege of introducing you to Dr. Louise Stanger and we will be talking about her book Falling Up a Memoir of Renewal.
How are you today Dr. Louise Stanger?

Louise Stanger:

Great. It’s an honor to be with you. I look forward to us having a conversation about such an important subject.


I’d like to give our readers some background about you. You have worked as a clinical social worker for many years as well as being a professor and intervention specialist. You have also received some very notable mentions. Can you tell us a little about your career?

Louise Stanger:

I’m happy to tell you about my career. My undergraduate degree which came from the University of Pittsburgh. I graduated college in three and a half years with an English lit major. What is notable about that is that at 19 I went to work for Allegheny County Department of Public Welfare, where I was the only social worker in an African American neighborhood when Martin Luther King was shot. The neighborhood never scared me, but the world did. I wanted to make a difference.

I attended San Diego State College. I was the youngest person ever to graduate with a masters in social work. They invited me to teach, which I did for many years. I received my doctoral degree at the University of San Diego. My life’s passion has always been helping people who are at risk. Most specifically in the areas of substance abuse, mental health disorders, grief and death, and loss. During my lifetime, I have always collaborated with others to reduce risk.

As a programmatic researcher, I have had over $4 Million in the U.S. Department of Education NIA-NIAAA grants to reduce high risk problematic drinking with college-age students and their families.

As a clinician, I have always been passionate about moving families to change and helping loved ones become the magnificent people they were meant to be.

During that time, I’ve had the good fortune of being recognized both nationally and locally.