Exercise and Addiction

There’s no question recovery can be tough. At times, it can feel like attending group sessions is like climbing a Stairmaster. However, that Stairmaster may be that extra push for your body to feel great and experience the benefits of healthy living.

In fact, evidence suggests an added physical element is an essential treatment option that aids in recovery. And the added physical element can be all kinds of different exercises!

There are many new fitness options including hot yoga, bar method, Pilates and spinning on bikes to the soulful tracks of Lady Gaga. According to a study of patients being treated for substance abuse published in Mental Health & Physical Activity, “Exercise can lead to a sense of accomplishment; feeling stronger; improved health; and increased confidence in staying clean and sober.”

The Two Main Benefits Of Exercise

The tangible benefits of exercise are twofold:

  1. Physical activity that involves a sustained increase in heart rate releases endorphins in the body.
  2. Physical activity curbs the negative withdrawal effects from giving up alcohol and illegal substances.

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