This year I made a commitment to think and act abundantly with increased compassion and gratitude for myself and for everyone around me. To do so, I must be more mindful and present. I dusted off my rendition of Headspace (not sure how you dust off an app) and made a commitment to listen every day. I changed my morning routine from reading the Daily Good, looking at Facebook and other social media, to sitting on the floor earplugs in and being present.

I am also taking a class which focuses on positivity and financial wellness taught by Chellie Campbell, a spitfire of a red head who is sharp as a tack and who reminds us as Napoleon O. Hill does that “anything the mind can conceive and believe” we can do.

Which brings me to my new ways of starting the day with a vision of fullness. I grew up with a theme of poor little rich girl running through my head, and now I am coveting daily affirmation which says, I am rich in kindness, abundance and gratitude. I am abundant. I love my clients. All my clients praise me and pay me. So, I am rich in wealth of all kinds. What do I mean when I talk about affirmations? Affirmations are the practice of positive thinking and self-empowerment.

Today I want all of you to have the same opportunity I have, and I want you to fill your mind with positive thoughts. You can write them on your own or get them from books. There are 5 ways to create a positive state of mind:

  1. State affirmations in the present tense I am. The first time I attempted to write my own affirmations I started in a prayer-like form. Little did I know I was incorrect – good try but no banana. When writing an affirmation or looking for one, start with the present tense. I am joyful and free. I pay all my bills and money comes to me. I am a winner, I love people and folks love me, etc.
  2. Always be positive. When we speak affirmations, we are giving directions to our subconscious mind and changing the tapes that play in our head in a slow and steady way. For example, one of my negative tapes has always been I am not good enough, not worthy enough. Throwing those untrue yet deeply rooted thoughts out of my subconscious mind into the wastebasket OF NO LONGER GOOD IDEAS takes quite a bit of mental dexterity. I actively say, I am a rich woman. I am a winner. I am smart and talented and that comes through in my work with clients, speaking, writing, etc.
  3. Visualize what you want. One can learn from great athletes. All great athletes know the power of visualization. They visualize themselves winning that gold medal and every little nanosecond of activity that they must take in order to achieve that winning stance. In doing so, they demonstrate incredible focus. Today visualize what it is you want to achieve or do. Maybe it’s doing a Ted Talk, getting new clients, or taking a trip. Recently I had the good fortune of receiving an award for clinical excellence from the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House. The ceremony was held at the Beverly Hilton the very same room that the golden globes is in. I pictured myself on the podium, speaking with the group, I had motivating remarks and when the time came, I was in the zone and ever so grateful for the opportunity.
  4. Be specific. State exactly what you want and visualize exactly what you want. If you want more clients, then visualize how you are going to get them. If you want to take a trip plan, out the steps and the resources to getting there, which leads me to the final important step.
  5. Do the footwork. Whatever it is you want one must always do the footwork to get there. If your daily affirmation is for example, “I love money and money loves me, I am a “bad ass”. You must do the work. If you want to write or speak then you have to do the footwork. For example, I love to write. So, every day I get up and write in the wee hours of the morning. I write with gusto and purpose. I’m doing the footwork.

I invite you to try these five steps as you create your own daily affirmations. I know you’ll be overjoyed to see the difference in your life, the success you reap and the joy of abundance you bring to others.