Dear Ones,
Last week I posted on FaceBook — What’s Not Been Cancelled. The Response was overwhelming and folks added their own spin. I invite you to add to this as well.

What’s not Been Cancelled:

Hope has not been cancelled
Love has not been cancelled
Laughter has not been cancelled
Music has not been cancelled
Kindness has not been cancelled
Gratitude has not been cancelled
Checking on Others has not been cancelled
Recovery has not been cancelled
Family has not been cancelled
Friends have not been cancelled
Spirituality or belief in a higher power has not been cancelled
Art has not been canceled
Joy has Not been cancelled
Smiles have not Been Cancelled
Ramdon Acts of Kindness Have not been Cancelled
Charitable Acts hae not been canclled
Walking outside has not been Cancelled
Service has not been cancelled
Giving Virtual Hugs has not been cancelled———–

Over the past week  many of us have experiencedfamily, personal , work and travel plans’ radically change . Action packed reflection has become a way a way of looking at relationships and the ways that we may communicate in the requires thoughtful consideration and wise deliberation in public spaces.

For me, speaking engagements at Cirque Lodge, Innovations in Recovery & New Found Life were postponed.

The select AARP think tank on Chronic Fraud Victims which I am honored to be a part of was rescheduled to be held via zoom instead of in Washington DC.

A trip planned to Los Angeles which mixed the pleasure seeing my grandchildren and meeting with team members, clients and colleagues was put on hold as social distancing was recommended. On the other hand, our family foundation like so many is making a charitable effort our effort to see that children who received free or reduced lunches will have food now that schools are closed.

Since some of you have inquired, I am in great health and think of myself as young perhaps 40 or 50 yet alas am of a certain age, 73 to be exact, which the CDC has said to be vulnerable.

Those of you who know me know that I love to work, have the energy of the “energizer Bunny” and thrive on helping individuals and families get the help they need whether it’s dealing with a narcissist, a child or young adult that’s failed to launch, a college student who has bombed out, a new mom whose in the throws of an addiction, or a 40 something male or female executive whose lives are imploding or a senior who uses alcohol and other drugs to mask the chronic pain of isolation and loss etc .

To that end I want assure you that I and my talented team of men and women who are called upon to work alongside of me are skilled and credentialed in addiction, mental health, chronic pain are continuing to provide excellent clinical and therapeutic intervention services both in person and by using HIPPA compliant on line tools.

These services include:

Family Assessments – Family Support for Addiction, mental Illness, process disorders and chronic pain throughout the lifespan

Clinical Assessments

Clinical consultation and coordination with treatment centers and related entities for ongoing support

Individual and Family Workshops

Treatment Planning ,Placement and Aftercare

In-Person Intensives and Interventions

Solution Focused Family Recovery Coaching

Recovery Coaching and Monitoring

Programs Trainings and Speaking

These services continue to be provided in accordance with the guidelines set by The World Health Organization and the Center of Disease Control which we continue to closely monitor and will give updates.

And For more information and national updates on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website. For your convenience, here are the CDC quick-reference links below:

For World information check out WHO

For More information for professionals on how to protect your patients and your practice check out your  practice guidelines:

American Psychological Association

California Marriage and Family Therapists