In my melancholy mood of missing lanyards, I realized that my clients more often then not talk about what they are missing, relationships, intimacy, missing loved ones who are drowning tin a sea of addiction Covid 19 has exacerbated usual coping skills . Clients, colleagues, friends, and family report they are missing:

Being fearless
Miss touching their face
Miss a good night’s sleep
Miss being away from the children
Being able to come and go

Missing wandering from store to store
Missing volunteering

The library
The museum
The concert hall
The sporting events
Family picnics
Social gatherings
Having places to go
Going out to eat
Live shows
Live in person meetings

As licensed and behavioral health experts our task is to help clients, navigate tough times and to celebrate their successes. During these times we must as always start where are clients are, acknowledge their fears and concerns. Here are 10 ways to help you and your clients navigate these times:

  1. Be Informed- Help your Clients by giving them the right information
  2. Be Available-Even though you may work in an hourly increment, make your practice available to your clients. They may appreciate that you have allotted additional time. Meltdowns do occur during off hours
  3. Stay in the present focus on what is going right?
  4. Shut Down the Noise- One does not have to listen to the news 24-7 , replace it with music, meditation, games, puzzles etc
  5. Understand History- This is not the first pandemic and people got through the others
  6. Help clients Remember who they are –
  7. Help Clients stay healthy- work with them to create actionable attainable schedules and goals. Keep Healthy routines- Brush teeth and your hair, get dressed.
  8. Stay engaged
  9. Do things that are enjoyable-Do things that are favorite activities and try something new
  10. Keep in the moment and know the future is attainable

Very Well Mind gives us 10 Ways to be of Service

Stay Home
Clean Your Closets and Donate what you do not need
Check in on Other People
Make Deliveries consider a grocery Run for someone who can’t go out
Spread Good News-Compliment Friends, Write letters
Become a Volunteer Listener -Check out 7 Cups, Teen Line etc
Be a Crisis Counselor vis Crisis Text Line
Make a Donation to a charity
Buy a Gift Card to a local Establishment
Be a Mentor online-Check out Big Brothers, Big Sisters
Give a gift card to the grocery clerk

And Forbes Magazine provides 10 tips to help with technology

Buy somethings online
Use a price tracker to Avoid Being Gauged online
Be Aware about how local businesses are dealing with crisis
Take advantage of grocery delivery and pick up
Check out Food Delivery apps
Shake Hands with your phone
Wear disposable plastic gloves
Wash Your Hands

To all of you, Stay safe- Stay bright- Know that I carry you in my heart. Do share tips that you have found helpful for yourself, your family, friends and your clients. We are all in this together!

Remember “Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying , learning and being grateful,” Roy T. Bennet, The Light in The Heart.