I thought long and hard about how we offer services to the families we serve. We take pride in going the extra mile with are clients in providing Care Management services. In addition to Intervention and Safe Escort Services, here are some of the other services of we offer:
  1. First and foremost, we work in and at your service capacity. We know that living with someone who is either active or newly in recovery in their addiction or mental health crisis is challenging. Our families know that in addition to regularly scheduled meetings they can reach out to us at any time to help them navigate the present situation. We provide round the clock care and personalized attention.
  2. We work hand-in-hand with other treatment providers. Collaboration is the cornerstone of an integrated wellness approach. Towards this end we collaborate with other treatment providers insuring the highest standard of care. We are independent Providers and it is imperative that we match you with the best behavioral health centers that understand and can treat your unique issues.
  3. Confidential, Discrete, and Ethical. Our clients come from all walks of life, executives, impaired professionals, celebrities, children of and we create a safe confidential and discrete space for clients.
  4. We create Scaffolding. We know it takes a village to help families and their loved ones build a life worth living. Towards that end we create a plan that helps all rise to their best possible self. Whether it is selecting on a live in counselor or a recovery coach along with solution focused family recovery coaching we create scaffolding, which allows a loved one to succeed.
  5. We believe in a Proactive Integrated Wellness Approach accessing top notch providers across the globe to help you lead your best possible life whether it is selecting a Behavioral health care center, a live in counselor a recovery coach to or creating a family intensive we are here for you.