Give the Gift of Treatment

Families so often want to wait till after the holidays to have their loved ones go to treatment. Through the years I have often wondered what the wisdom is in that.

Truth is most folks who have a loved one with a substance use disorder, process disorder or chronic pain, walk on eggshells and their holidays are often made miserable by worrying about their loved one.

It has been shown that drinking and drug use increase during the holidays and relapse rates spike. A recent article on the APNNews reported that overdose deaths far outpace Covid-19 deaths in cities like San Francisco. Deaths by suicide, anxiety and depression also spike at holiday time. So there a chance that all has escalated.
So if you let the holidays come and go there’s no better way to start the New year off than inviting your loved one to go to treatment.
In my book Addiction in the Family: Helping Families Navigate Challenges, Emotions and Recovery I offer ways in which your can help loved ones find their way to treatment. I also talk about the different types of residential treatment options available and the benefits of working with a skilled, credentialed interventionist.
Inviting a loved one to enter treatment is always a courageous act and it just maybe the best new years present you can give yourself and your loved ones.