And just like that, the world has opened up. Airports are busy, the beaches are full, restaurants are having trouble hiring staff, LA freeways are packed, gyms have reopened and suddenly the world is busy. With that comes new choices, new directions and a rush – a high of business, a new fear of being left out.

I, for one, enjoyed the Covid pace of working from home. That’s not to say I was not busy with clients – that didn’t change – it was that the pressure of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) was lifted. I did not have to show up at every marketing event or make sure that Facebook flashed with photos.

Instead, the hurried pace of life took a back seat to the former busyness. Each morning I woke and attempted to meditate, walked outside and thanked the sun and the sea and celebrated the day with gratitude. I still do. I ask myself

  1. What did I learn yesterday?
  2. How did I love myself and others yesterday?
  3. What am I grateful for today?
  4. What did not happen yesterday and why?
  5. How can I improve today?

Even my dog Coco managed to meditated every morning while I listened to Deprak Chopra’s 21 days of abundance!

Zoom definitely became an anchor that let me connect with others. Thanks to Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday open meetings, I was able to connect with others and share my heart. These regular meetings filled my soul and while distance separated us all, I knew that in a pinch there were so many people that I could just pick up the phone and call. It wasn’t that we were the best of friends – rather it was that they walk their talk.

When I think about being busy, I actually have anxiety. Being too busy is just about the last thing I want in my life today. Being thoughtful, productive, and compassionate is what I strive for. Yes, I love my craft and love inspiring families to change and am blessed with fulfilling work, it’s the busy that comes from FOMO, of keeping up, of going hither and yon that scares me.

Maria Shriver wrote in her Sunday newsletter, “When you slow down, or are forced to do so by a pandemic, you come face to face with what is. When you sit quietly by yourself and only yourself, you are forced to look at yourself … All of a sudden you see new things, you experience new things this can be both scary and exciting.”

So as busy beckons us back as professionals (this lunch here, this conference there, this Facebook “we-are-together” photo shoot), think about connecting in a new more meaningful way. Our profession is ultimately one of connection of helping others thrive.

The truth is we all have the ability to create a life that is meaningful and works for us. We can design a life worth living for ourselves, our friends, our workplace, and our world. So as busy beckons you back, take a breath and enjoy the air. Take notice of what’s before you. Just as one streamlines one’s closet, streamline yourself. Look in the mirror and get reacquainted with yourself and embrace who you are and who you are becoming. Be as gentle with your own soul as you are with the clients you serve.

Let me know how you have changed as a result of the pandemic and what you are doing as busyness beckons.