Out and About

Dear Friends, Colleagues, and Families

It’s been a long time since I have been out and about meeting with all of you in person and to speaking engagements (which I love to do.) The last big conference I spoke at was March 2020 at Providence Medical Center. Who would have thought the plane coming in to their hospital was bringing the first COVID patients to the USA?

While travel and in-person events stopped during Covid, reopening gave us hope. The magic of seeing faces, not on zoom but in person, was a gift. I feel like August has been a coming out party with safety precautions.

Seasons Malibu held delightful lunch and dinner in my backyard, thanks to CEO Dr. Sheila Shilati and Laura Smith, representing their talented staff comprised of all PHDs.

Guests included many talented San Diego professionals: Dr. Wendy Kentington (psychiatrist) David Christopher (Clinician/Interventionist ), Dr. Alisa DuClos (CEO Wings), Scott DeLeau (The Grounds) Mick Meagher ESQ, Michelle Leuschen (Spiritual Counselor), Adam Santos-Coy (Global Director of Operations, Silverbell Consulting) and at dinner under the Bell Tower, we were able to visit with Susan Mehta (Interventionist Mental Health), Ian Depew (Rock to Recovery and Interventionist), KC Gooding (Burning Tree), John Wadas (Holland Foundation ) Britton Turkett (Active Recovery), and Dr. William Coombs (CEO Villa Oasis).

Then I hopped on up to LA and met up with Michelle Migliore (The Point Malibu) and an old Canadian friend and interventionist Jennifer McDonald.

My heart was filled with joy as Denise Klein and Savannah Ganje (Milestones Ranch), along with Ann Preston (A Mission for Michael) hosted a glorious morning where had a fine repast thanks to Savannah where we talked about Addiction in the Family in this new COVID age. 

To be in the presence of such remarkable talent talent was inspiring and heartening. And to see so many wonderful folks in person filled my heart with gratitude. I may be leaving some folks outs I do not have the complete guest list, so I offer my apologies, but some of the folks who dared to dance in the rain with me were Adam Mindel and Andrew Sidoli (Recovery Integrity), Jeremey Frank (New Found Life), Joyce Sundeen (Clinician /Interventionist Seattle), Kelly and Annette Seidlitz, (Gratitude Recovery, Leonard Busnell and Ahbra Schriff (Reel Recovery) , Noah Mann (Key Transitions), Eial Fishman, (Cirque Lodge), Kristan Houghlan (Avalon Malibu), Claudia Schwarz, JFlowers Health Institute, Cheryl Camry (The Meadows), Jessica Martindale private practice and 2 friends, Dr. Miriam Hamideh -PCI Wellness Center, Stacie Adam’s – Music Therapist, Jolene Knight , Grace Recovery, Chris Huitfeldt MBA Terra Firma Consulting, The Manor Wisconsin, Paul Kauffman (Haus Recovery) and more. My apologies if I left someone out. Alas, I do not have a photographic memory.

I can’t wait for Denise Klein’s new book with Kurt Garbe to come out, which will help all of us understand the treatment industry. What a complement to Addiction in the Family.

I was deeply touched to learn that so many of you have read my latest book and are using it with your families and your staff. The greatest gift an author can ever receive is to learn there are a few good takeaways for folks. I am humbled and grateful.

Leaving LA is always bittersweet, though I now travel home to my family and rose garden. In a week, I am headed off to do a training for my friends at JFlowers Heath Institute on how to do and integrate Family Mapping in a comprehensive assessment and How to invite clients to go from Assessment to Wellness. I can’t wait to be back in Houston and meet their new staff and experience how they have grown. So Stayed tuned for a full report and photos.

In the meantime I know we all must be safe as we figure out how to navigate the new Covid variants and choose how to travel safely and follow the CDC Guidelines for Travel.

And thanks to Denise Klein who gave me Dolly Parton’s little book, Country Wisdom for Life’s Challenges, I invite you to always remember:

“You are Worthy of Love- regardless of your background; your reputation does not define whether or not you deserve kindness and affection. You already do, right now.”