In the spirit of Dr. Suess, have you ever wondered about all the places you go with your smartphone and if you are addicted? I ran across a wonderful study, of course, on my smartphone by Solitari – this is a company that creates games, and they were curious to learn how smartphones are used in general and how they are used to stave off boredom or loneliness.

Some surprising scenarios people use their phones.

They asked people what scenarios they found themselves using phones. One of the more surprising results is they found people use their phones by moving;

  • 73 % while walking their dog.
  • 42% while crossing the street.
  • 1 in 3 while bike riding or skating.
  • Not surprising, 44% reported injuring themselves while falling or bumping into something.

The list they complied is quite outstanding if we think about how important it is to be present.

The most popular scenarios people use their phones.

Folks also reported they have their phones on use while they are;

  • Watching TV – 99%
  • Waiting in line – 98%
  • Using Public transports or Ridesharing – 98%
  • At the beach – 89%
  • Walking down the sidewalk – %
  • When I wake up in the middle of the night – 87%
  • Virtual work meetings – 86%
  • While talking on the phone – 84%
  • Between exercises working out – 84%
  • At a concert – 78%
  • On a treadmill or stationary bike – 77%
  • Walking my dog – 73%
  • At a stoplight – 72%
  • In-person meetings – 63%
  • While jogging – 62%
  • During religious service – 60%
  • In the bath – 59%
  • While driving – 57%
  • At the Movie Theater – 54%
  • In a pool or hot Tub – 51%
  • During a wedding ceremony – 50%
  • Crossing the Street – 42%
  • While meditating – 37%
  • Riding a bike or skating – 33%
  • During a funeral or a wake – 31%

Other ways people use their phones.

What’s even more outstanding is that people use their phones while with their children, avoid face-to-face contact or avoid talking to specific family members, and a

  • whopping 90 % of people use their phones while on the toilet.
  • 1 in 3 people have been distracted by their phone notifications during sex.
  • 86% say looking at their phone is the last thing they do before bed.
  • 44% have hurt themselves while looking at their phone. (fell, bumped into something)
  • 20% use their phones during take-off in an airplane.

And we know the ravages of texting and driving.

An astounding number of folks (71%) reported that they expect to use their phone at The Thanksgiving Dinner table.

The scary thing is we are addicted to our phones. We have a 24-hour slot machine in our hand; those notifications do us in. On average, 1 hour is the longest someone can wait before checking a notification. We are an instant society a who does not feel we can live without content for very long.

What are some things we can do?

  1. Create a phone basket — put your phone in the basket during family meals.
  2. Turn your phone off an hour before bed — it helps increase your sleep.
  3. Try detoxing — pick 3 times per week you will give up your phone (i.e. while walking, whole exercising while being with your family).
  4. Set a goal to reduce screen time.

The truth is, smartphones are here to stay. The question facing all is, what is more important? Being present to the world? To your friends or family? Being in the moment? Or being on your phone?

Let me know what you are doing to turn your smartphone usage, and let us start this holiday season off with our presence.
Oh no wrote this on my smart phone!