Treatment Without Walls

Over the past year, I have been blessed to be able to work with many different behavioral health centers: Seasons Malibu, Milestones Malibu, Pointe Malibu, JFlowers Health Institute, A Mission for Michael, Cirque Lodge, Sabino Recovery, Futures, Balance, Life Sync, Start-Up Recovery, The Manor, Mental Health Collective, Langley Porter, First Step Recovery, New Found Life, Ken Seeley Rehab, Betty Ford, Springbrook, Recover Integrity, Start-Up Recovery, Life Sync, Launch Recovery, Positive Recovery, Polaris, Paradigm, Evolve, APN, Ellenhorn, Lionrock , Resolutions, One to One Treatment, David Malow GPS, and Ignite, to name a few.

However, over the past year, I have also learned that not everyone is a great candidate for in-patient residential treatment or even structured out-patient, some folks, whether they are 65, 38 or 17, or 8 respond better to Treatment Without Walls (TWW).

The road to creating TWW can be different depending on who the client is, what their experiences are and have been, and what their current needs are. I have had the pleasure of working with Silverbell Coaching (SBC) and Youth Prevention Mentors (YPM) in helping create treatment without walls as well as others.

For busy executives, politicians, and celebrities, sometimes going into a behavioral health care center is not the best option. They have work commitments, want total confidentiality and discreteness so creating a treatment team without walls is a great solution, providing everything from medical detoxification services to psychiatry to companions, mentors, and family therapy.

That is also true for younger children and adolescents. In this case, offering treatment without walls is a sound way to allow a child, adolescent to continue to live with a change agreement home, go to school and bring services to the family, thus avoiding sending a child away, which can be a dramatic and potentially traumatic experience. In many respects, this is a seamless experience and a way to start on the way to health and wellness.

To learn more about TWW (Treatment Without Walls and The way that it can help your family flourish please reach out and Maks and I will be honored to speak with you.