From the Tennessee Werewolves, Soul Cycle, Mel’s Diner, The Sunset Marquis to visiting The Villa at Seasons and celebrating Miriam’s House my days in LA were filled with joy.

Everyone knows when I grow old, I will live in the Sunset Marquis as it holds a special place in my heart. This past weekend was filled with joy as I was able to celebrate Miriam’s House LA, which does so much good for women and children. What a delight to see my good friend Dr. James Flowers receive a well-deserved award and in return donate so generously with his Co-founder of JFlowers Health Institute, Robin Mooney, to Miriam’s House and spend time with his special team and friends Dr. Melanie Summerville, Eve Ruff, Candy Finnigan and others. The other well deserved honorees were

The weekend was star studded from dinner with world famous photographer Cheryl Fox, who donated to Miriam’s House to celebrating with Dr. Sheila Shaliti. The opening of The Villa at Seasons (their 4th behavioral health home) with special kudos to Laura Smith.

Robin and Jimmy Mooney and I had fun with our new found friends, the Tennessee Werewolves.

While Corey Gentry and Laura Smith (Seasons) and I saw the play, “I Never Sang For My Father“, which teammate Shayne Anderson produced and is starring in. (If you are in LA this is a stellar outing for folks in your behavioral health center.  There just so much to talk about and process from grief, loss and relationships – don’t miss it!).

I was so glad Maks Ezrin from YPM was in town. I have the privledge of serving as YPM’s Director of Family Programming. We often collaborate, yet being on different coasts, seeing each other in person and being able to talk shop under the same roof was invigorating.

Polo in the Palisades was a grand success with over 500 folks whose lives are dedicated to helping folks flourish from the stronghold of mental health, substance abuse, process disorders and chronic pain.

Of course I was able to get some Soul Cycle in with my favorite instructor David Zint. And no trip can be complete without breakfast at Mel’s Diner and a group photo with Tina Turner in the background.

All the while we all remember what we do and why we do what we do. There is no greater good than helping families and their loved ones navigate their road to health and wellness.

Image Gallery From The Weekend’s Adventures!