Bespoke Behavioral Health for UHNW clients

As a Clinician-Interventionist, I have the opportunity to work with high-weath clients. These individuals require bespoke concierge service . When I think of the wonderful places that I have and get to collaborate in the United States, JFlowers Heath Institute, Season’s Malibu, Cirque Lodge, The Manor, Borden Cottage, APN, Hanley come to mind. There are, of course, others; The Guest House, Pointe Malibu, Avalon Malibu etc that I have experienced. All are unique offer much to a select group of folks.

Last week, thanks to Eduardo Greghi CEO and Chairman of the Board, Dominik Kaiser, Head of Business Development and Shayne Anderson North American Representative; Laura Smith (Seasons Malibu) and I had the opportunity to visit The Kusnacht Practice in Zurich, Switzerland, undoubtably the world’s most expensive behavioral health care center. Here we were able to meet individually with all the heads of the departments, as well as present a two-hour lecture to their clinical staff.

The Kusnacht Practice, Zurich

Different from its American counterparts in its strict medical model, the Practice can treat just medical issues, meaning folks come to have an operation, etc. Like the Americans they also treat complicated Mental Health -Process and Substance Use Disorders as well as Chronic Pain. Privacy is paramount at The Kusnacht Practice. Given their clientele, everyone has their own separate villa or mansion, along with a specific curated treatment team of doctors, coaches, etc. and concierge staff. There are no groups that one attends. That being stated the team that surrounds the client form a group that helps navigate one on the road wellness. Revisits are part and parcel of their practice., One does not leave without scheduling a follow up visit to see how they are doing by retesting their chemistry, see if they followed their vitamin regimen (Biomolecular Restoration) and other serious matters of consequence, Medical doctors oversee the clients and they are followed by a carefully selected entourage of client professionals.

Families are invited to come with the client on the condition that they also commit to doing some of their own work. The accommodations are luxurious and befitting of their clientele. Each estate is specifically designed to add harmony to one’s life. Uncluttered, they are magnificently designed by their sister design team. In fact, one hardly needs to leave their plush surroundings as all needs are accounted for. Every client has a Chef that is especially dedicated to the client’s nutritional needs based on cultural preferences and the results of bio-molecular restoration led by Dr. Antoinette Sarasin. Clients benefit from the meditation room, exercise room, billiards, swimming pool, table tennis etc and beautiful gardens and outdoor spaces overlooking the lake.

Their clientele requires strict confidentiality and privacy so much so that clients do not intermingle with one another. While we in the USA focus on process groups and self-help groups at The Kusnacht Practice, there are no groups with other clients. Rather, the treatment team becomes the group. While some clients may attend a 12-step meeting, more likely that will be by zoom as their appearance may be disruptive too their anonymity.

A Generous and Flexible Staff

Accompanying me to The Kusnacht Practice was Laura Smith, who is head of business development for Seasons in Malibu. Laura, like me, is a licensed clinician and social worker and has held prestigious positions -VP etc. throughout her life. Laura brings with her a cornucopia of knowledge of over 4000 people in our field. She is a true Wizard who can connect with anyone anywhere and is selfless in doing so.

Together we met individually with all the directors from medicine, psychiatry to admissions, to continuing care. We enjoyed a fine repast with CEO Geraldine Matthews, where she discussed her interest in woman and developing women’s wellness retreats. All the directors and staff each gave generously of their time. I marveled at how flexible they were and how they were able to adapt to different cultures and languages. Moreover, The Kusnacht Practice runs with the precision of a fine Swiss clock, everything is on time. Our days were full of morning to night.

Addiction, Mental Health, Trauma and Chronic Pain

I was honored to present a two-hour lecture on Addiction, Mental Health, Trauma and Chronic Pain which was, so I am told, well received. Prof. Dr. med. Georg Schulthess, Chief Medical Officer, and I had a lively discussion of whether chronic pain is always driven by emotion. Based on his vast experiences, he questions if that is always the case. And the chief psychiatrist and Trauma Specialist, Dr. med. Katayun Hassanpour was full of enthusiasm, as she shared her knowledge and recent trainings, which incorporated a new way of looking at DBT. I felt the splendor in the hours and a stimulation of academic discussion amongst peers.

Eduardo Greghi, CEO, And Passionate Professional

We also had ample time to sit and chat with the man whose vision is The Practice. Only, 41 years old, Eduardo Greghi is bright and creative. He freely admits he is neither a doctor nor a clinician, rather a man with a passion to create a highly specialized healing place. And he is doing just that with business acumen. zest and joy. Today, the practice hosts homes and offices in Zurich and Geneva and has a staff of 90. Who knows what will be next for the young businessman whose eyes dance with joy, speaking about helping others and who finds his relaxation in polo.

Seestrasse 228, Küsnacht, Switzerland


Of course, no trip to Zurich is complete without a private tour of The C.G. Jung House Museum, Dr. Carl Jung’s home and Dominik Kaiser and Shayne Anderson made sure that we could visit. As I stood in Carl Jung’s library and private office, my mind swirled, imagining what it was like to be him, a genius, a man of letters, a prolific writer and theoretician of human behavior. I was speechless. To bask in such history was humbling.




In all, I was grateful and honored to be asked to share my knowledge with the practice. I am sure there is much to process about the trip. I cherish the new colleagues I have made, and no doubt will continue to learn from them as I trust they will also continue to be a vessel of reciprocity and synchronicity.

Synchronicity is an ever-present reality for those who have eyes to see. –Carl Jung

Seestrasse 228, Zurich, Dr Carl Jung House Museum