Toxic Friendships

Not all friendships are wonderful. Here are 9 signs that this is not a friendship for you.

  1. The friendship doesn’t feel right. Trust your gut. Something feels uncomfortable in the relationship. It feels awkward when you think about them or talk to them. Their manipulative, abusive or generally annoying and their behaviors throw you off balance. They bring your energy down and you might dread running into them.
  2. You feel the need to proceed with caution. You are stuck somewhere between green and red flags. Because of that you remain vigilant and confused about what to say or do.
  3. Your mental health is being affected. You don’t look forward to spending time with them because of how they make you feel: unhappy, annoyed, or frustrated.
  4. Others who care about you see how toxic the relationship is and point out it to you. Friends and family that truly care see how toxic the relationship is (they see the person as taking figuratively and literally from you, yet you find it hard to believe you as it’s an unhealthy attachment). They might even warn you or show you, yet you are unable to see what’s happening.
  5. There’s a repeated pattern of dysregulation. It might be inconsistency, unpredictability, or manipulation. Whatever the pattern is you feel like you are walking on eggshells and never sure where you will end up.
  6. You feel like you are being used. Some folks have described themselves as “payer ladies’. They only thing they are wanted for is what you can give them or what they take. It is hard not to feel shame, unworthiness when a friend takes advantage of you.
  7. Your friends don’t care about you feel. Although they might pretend to show you they do.They are just into themselves.
  8. Your friends don’t reciprocate. Although you have invested so much into your friendship, you might not like to admit that they give you so little in return without considering your needs.
  9. You feel rejected. You can’t help but feel rejected left out or forgotten. You’re sick and tired of excuses. You want actions instead.

If you are questioning your friendships and want to take a look, we are here for you. Help is just a phone call away.