Have you ever had one of those weeks where you are constantly moving and learning? The West Coast Symposiums on Addictive Behavior (WCSAD) brought hundreds of professionals to the desert where there was much networking and excellent presentations. On the top of my list is always Jerry Moe who changed the trajectory of how we acknowledge children who are growing up in alcoholic families.

Here are a few of my articles on what’s it’s like to grow up in family full of addiction, trauma and mental health issues.

Heading home I had the good fortune of meeting up with Maks Ezrin head of YPM and one of his fabulous coaches Jack Vaughn, who specializes in helping loved ones who have challenges with executive functioning skills, and Samatha Paige, who is about to open her own women’s outpatient program Worthy Wellness in Carlsbad CA, and Ian Depew, another local San Diego interventionist who one can always count on.

These folks are knocking out of the park and hold the key to our future.

Louise, Maks & Samantha

Rounding it out I celebrated the opening of Shelby’s Stanger’s book Will to Wild at Warwicks, La Jolla — a jewel of a bookstore — and shared inspiration and adventure, as well as hearing her speak at TEDx San Diego.

Shelby Stanger TEDx San Diego

What is a Mobile Intervention?

Along the way I was able to successfully help a loved one enter treatment in a way that was seamless and virtual. My skills are at a place where I am extremely effective in mobilizing families and loved ones using virtual tools to accept and enter behavioral health treatment. To learn more about what a Mobile intervention is give me a call or drop a line.