Fentanyl Overdoses

A new article from the New York Times details the shocking rise of overdose deaths from Fentanyl in America. These lines in particular bring the point home:

How does this compare with other causes of death?

In terms of mortality, the current fentanyl crisis dwarfs any other drug crisis in American history.

The rise of fentanyl, a potent synthetic opioid, as a leading cause of death in the United States is very alarming. As an interventionist, it saddens me to see these statistics and to hear the pain in family members’ voices when they call for help — often too late.

It’s crucial to understand that this lethal drug, which can be produced in labs, has gradually supplanted heroin and other opioids in illicit markets, thereby causing a dramatic increase in addiction and overdose fatalities.

This crisis represents the latest phase of the ongoing opioid epidemic, which began with the overprescription of painkillers in the 1990s. The source of most fentanyl sold in the US can be traced back to Mexico, where drug cartels are producing the drug using precursor chemicals, likely originating from factories in China.

The government has taken steps to address this crisis. Measures include regulatory controls on prescription opioids, efforts to reduce the production of certain types of fentanyl in China, and the implementation of harm reduction strategies for addiction. Additionally, the Biden administration has expanded federal funding for addiction treatment and intensified enforcement operations against fentanyl production and smuggling.

While these actions are commendable, based on my years of experience working with families, I believe more needs to be done to prevent the spread of fentanyl and support those struggling with addiction. This includes investing more in education, prevention, and treatment programs, as well as strengthening international collaborations to halt the production and trafficking of this deadly drug. 1

How do you think we need to address this devastating issue?

If you are family member worried about a loved one, contact me today to discover how an invitation to change can prevent an overdose and help heal your family.


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