Dr Stanger featured in Forbes and LA Weekly

Hello, I am Dr. Louise Stanger, a dedicated family specialist and interventionist committed to helping families overcome addiction, mental health issues, and trauma. My life’s work is driven by the belief that everyone has the capacity for healing and growth, and it’s my mission to guide families through these challenging times. I am honored to have been recently featured in both Forbes and LA Weekly, two highly respected publications. These features not only validate the work I do but also serve as a platform to elevate the crucial conversation around family healing. I will share these articles in this blog post, offering insights into my strategies and methods to assist families in pain. If your family is experiencing the consequences of having a loved one with substance misuse, mental health, or process disorder, please reach out today to discuss a healing solution. In my experience, there is always hope and a strategic solution. Check out these articles for more information on supporting your loved ones in their time of need.

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LA Weekly article: Supporting Families Through Addiction With Treatment Without Walls