Last week I had the privilege of visiting APN Lodge, where I got a glimpse of their robust integrative approach to helping folks, plus a wide panorama of the depth and breadth their company. As Dr Philip Hemphill, Chief Financial Officer, shared, APN aims to have a global reach by delivering “out of the box interventional psychiatry and wellness services through residential (inpatient), Intensive Outpatient services, Outpatient Services, and Virtual Online Services. In addition, they offer worldwide alumni services and have created 9x Gyms, which serve both new and existing clients. I was able to see APN In action and learn about its wide reach. Many thanks to Lana Seiler LCSW, DAAETS, PAT and Major White head of alumni services for also making my visit robust.

Innovation & Activities

Covid had a silver lining as it was the impetus for some incredible innovative online and in-person programs and tracks ranging from Wellness, Athletes, Trauma, Veterans, Codependency, Substances Abuse, Professional, LBGT-Q, Empowerment, Women, Men, and Mental Health. Faced with trying to open a new behavioral health care when Covid hit, they developed, with the help of Dr. Philip Hemphill, robust online curriculum to meet the needs of many different populations.

While at APN I had the opportunity to sit in on staff meetings, process groups and meet one on one with clinicians, wellness practitioners (TMS, Ketamine, Hyperbaric Chamber, Compression and Percussive Therapy, Float Tank, Spa Gym, Personal Training  25 meter indoor pool and outdoor). In addition they offer outdoor adventures, skiing, hiking snow shoeing and more in the winter, along with river rafting, fly fishing, and hiking in the summer.

Blue Ocean

APN has programs in both the US and London that deliver a myriad of lifestyle amenities alongside clinical services. Today, I like to share a little bit about, their novel “Blue Ocean” approach in developing 9X gyms.

This is the most innovative program, which I learned is located in Malibu and coming to London.

According to Dr. Hemphill, these are little satellite gyms, which people can work out with trainers and form a cluster of 6-9 persons that regularly meet together.  If they want they can get a wellness assessment at something that doesn’t look anything at all like a behavioral healthcare center, it looks more like a bank with high-top tables.

9x is based on the “principles of lifestyle psychiatry” and “[they] are striving to be that organization and that offers a full continuum of care that’s holistic and non-stigmatizing to individuals”…”Thus [they] are committed to developing multiple entryways so no door is closed.” One of the more creative entry points is the creation of a 9X which are called “Exercise Cells” will will offer a wellness assessment in nontraditional settings setting the standard for lifestyle interventional psychiatry.

All in all the trip was synergistic and eye opening. I Invite you to explore the “APN Way”  so you can learn more. I know I will!