The Balance

I had the privileged of spending precious time with Abdullah Boulad, Founder and CEO of The Balance, Dr. Sarah Boss, psychiatrist and clinical director, Jil Moore, Client Relations Director and Linda Myburgh, Marketing and Strategic Relations. I traveled with wonder as I learned about their residential flagship program, which combines a comprehensive assessment, one client at a time, emphasizing an integrative, multidisciplinary holistic approach combined with trauma informed therapy and biochemical restoration with the best of evidence-based modalities in a serene setting set against the majesty of Mallorca. The emphasis on spirituality is felt throughout. They offer programs off-shore in Marabella and Zurich as well. Along with robust after care programs, they are able to treat mental health, substance abuse, discorded eating, chronic pain, failure to launch, and ADHD.

Two new programs which The Balance is developing are the Senses and Cogniful.

At the Senses Wellness Community, the Balance considers the unique pressures, stressors and family one experiences as an affluent individual. Here they carefully curate a program that blends traditional approaches with cutting edge science to provide more than just a holistic approach to health. No matter what you are aiming for (extending your years of active life or helping you tap into your peak performance both mentally and physically) Senses aims to help the individual cultivate a deep sense of well-being. Senses helps builds the bridges to one’s ideal self.

Cogniful seamlessly integrates group therapy with personalized treatments taking away feelings of isolation, which in my experience is especially helpful for folks that experience both dual or triple diagnosis — a substance abuse disorder and mental health issues along with chronic pain or a process disorder. Cogniful offers the ability to share with others of like stature thru group therapy along with bespoke individual treatment.

Lastly, I had the privilege of sitting down with Abdullah and experiencing first-hand the warmth and joy he finds in his work, and the grace he gives to his staff, which in his words is his “extended family”. The staff mirrors this sentiment, as you can feel the warmth in their talk and the laughter in their hearts.

I personally love when a person can capture their philosophy on paper and shares it with the world. Abdualh published in 2022 a most thoughtful book, Living a Life in Balance: A Holistic Guide for Physical, Mental Health, Social and Spiritual Health and Performance (available on Amazon.)

A portion of the proceeds are donated to Ukrainians displaced by conflict. Being president of our Family Foundation, I was delighted to see philanthropy is also important to The Balance.

As a professional who has had the opportunity to experience the best treatment the world has to offer, I am extremely honored that I had this opportunity to get a small yet mighty glimpse of the outstanding work The Balance does. My intention is to enrich and continue this collaboration.

Dr. Stanger with The Balance team

Ms. Linda Myburg, Marketing and Strategic Relations Director, Mr. Abdullah Boulad, Founder and CEO, Dr. Louise Stanger, Jil Moore, Client Relations Director, Mr. John Wadas