Have you ever had a time in your like when you set out to do one thing and ended up doing something different. Such was the case of my recent holiday to Minorca and Majorca.

My life was tilted upside down just like this building:

upside down church

Armed with great hiking apparel and my wonderful husband, who many of you know as Mr Wadas, we set out to enjoy an ambitious hiking trip in Minorca and Majorca. Life however decided to interfere, and right out of the starting gate I took ill (Life’s way of forcing me to slow down) and instead of conquering majestic craggy rocks laced with scenic waters, I was forced to stop, slow down and take care of myself.

While my life has been dedicated to taking care of others, this time the world said I had to take care of myself. Such was the lot for 80 percent of the trip, so I found time to meditate to start do another walk around the sun with Deepak’s Chopra’s 21 Days of Abundance (now on day 8) and a not too shabby pool day at Richard Branson’s fabulous hotel. Along the way I was able to ruminate the vicissitudes of solitude and enjoy the laughter of my husband and a new friend.

As such my life like so many of us was tilted upside down like the famous sculpture outside of the Es Balard Art Museum, and so I was forced to see life through a different lens. That has proved to be  a transformative moment that allowed me to weather another misadventure that we encountered traveling home.

The sun was shining as I left Majorca. Checking our luggage at Palma, I was so pleased that I even proceeded to check all of our luggage, so we would not have to worry about carrying things. We’re flying from Majorca to Munich on a great flight that was taking us straight to San Diego. Sadly a gentleman boarded that was ill and with an astounding number of doctors on the plane (4 to be exact), a decision was made to do an emergency landing in Milan so immediate medical attention could be obtained. And just like that everything flip-flopped and went upside down. We missed our plane and our luggage was lost. We ended up in Denver and flew back to San Diego sans luggage. We assume our luggage is having a grand time traveling the globe. Oh the stories our luggage will have to tell!