Finding Joy

I want to wish you all joy, as summer gets into swing and the 4th of July approaches. In this blog I am sharing about some magical moments, including the wedding of Jack Vaughn and Sawyer Greenberg in Calamigos Ranch, and a visit to another outstanding behavioral health care facility, Start-up Wellness, seamlessly integrates eastern medicine, clinical treatment, life enrichment, biohacking technology and luxury retreats.

I also want to share a saying that truly resonated with me this week. Sometimes relationships change and you feel in disarray. A friend sent me this quote, “God removes people from your life because he hears conversations you didn’t hear.” While endings carry often carry extreme sadness, this profound quote reminds me of an AA saying, that “God does for us what we can’t do for ourselves.” So I am just going to ponder, grieve, and discover JOY.

Joy is a powerful emotion and a great remedy for feeling stressed and burn out, happiness is the emotional reaction to what happened around you, while joy is that part of being that allows you to appreciate life in its bigger context.

That leads me to the reality that joy is different for everyone. Some folks find joy in being of service to others while others may find joy in nature and their surroundings, like a blissful sunset, a walk on the beach, a hike in the forest, morning doves, etc.

Expressing gratitude is another way to discover joy, expressing appreciation, focusing on what you can control, assuming everyone has good intent and concentrate on honoring relationships can also help you foster joy.

So as the parades happen, fireworks, dance in the sky, children eat hotdogs and root beer floats and apple pie and ice-cream is prolific, I  hope you find joy in the glory of the flowers and the splendor of the hour.