Interventions, Coaching, & Professional Development




Well-known for her invitational interventions, Dr. Stanger believes that interventions are a “process” not a “model.”

As a licensed clinician, she brings the utmost sensitivity, flexibility and professional skill to each intervention.

10-Hour Family Coaching Program

A 10-Hour Family Coaching Program to help families navigate the painful world of living with a loved one battling these issues. Dr. Stanger helps them each find strength and the ability to choose new ways to relate to each other. 

Solution Focused Recovery Coaching

Dr. Louise works with families and other accountability team members such as business managers, estate attorneys, and other professionals to guide all members of the team in the creation of healthy lifestyles and boundaries. She leads the team to ensure individuals and families find recovery success.

Workshops, Trainings, Keynotes, Family Programs

Dr. Stanger builds customized, engaging and interactive curriculums for treatment centers across the United States.

Her specialties include:

  • Family program curriculums
  • Treatment modality such as Solution Focused Therapy or Motivational Interviewing
  • Intervention strategies
  • Over-parenting and its effects on young adults
  • High Wealth clients