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Workshops, Staff Trainings, Key Notes, Family Programs

Having been a professor , the director  of SDSU , School of Social Works continuing education program  and an award winning Teacher including  being  honored as Faculty Homecoming  Dedicatee at SDSU, Dr. Louise knows how to put together engaging and interactive curriculum. Louise  prides herself on  customizing her presentations and workshops to meet your special needs. So whether you want to create  family program curriculum , learn about a specific treatment modality such as Solution Focused Therapy or Motivational Interviewing , try out different intervention strategies,  explore over parenting and it’s effects on young adults, learn how to set up a private practice business , learn how to deal with high Wealth clients or have your own own curriculum ideas, Dr. Louise is ready to assist you.

Solution Focused Recovery Coaching

Dr. Louise works with families and other accountability team members such as business managers, estate attorneys etc to guide all members of the team in the creation  of healthy lifestyles and boundaries. This concierge coaching service which allows team members to reach out in a moments notice along with weekly scheduled phone calls or meetings works in a pragmatic solution focused way building on each team members strength and their ability to choose new ways to relate with loved ones. Dr. Louise frequently collaborates with other licensed professionals who are working with team members in a synergistic fashion. She is often referred challenging families to work with who already have loved ones in treatment to do family work. She works hand in hand with other professionals, physicians, therapists and treatment centers to insure an individual and families success.


Dr. Louise is well known for her invitational interventions. She believes that interventions are a ” process ” not a “model ” Starting ,where the client is  and meeting the client where they are is the most important aspect of her work.  One of Louise’s greatest strengths is the ability to create movement  within the family .She always works hand in hand with another highly trained professionals when performing interventions as she believes her clients get better service  and value from two highly trained professionals working in tandem to help inspire individuals and families to move towards health and wellness. Safety issues are addressed in a robust fashion and  working in tandem gives people the opportunity to relate to the person they feel most comfortable with. Dr. Louise and her teammate believe working with individuals who are in the midst of a mental health, substance abuse and other crisis demands the utmost sensitivity,  flexibility and  professional skills . Lastly as a licensed clinician and mandated reporter , clients are insured of the highest ethical standards.
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