How An Intervention Works

Dr. Louise is well-known for her invitational interventions. She believes that interventions are a “process” not a “model”. Her goal is to inspire individuals and families to move toward health and wellness.

An intervention is an invitation to change.

Discover how a well-planned intervention helps lead a loved one to take a difficult step toward hope and healing.

The Intervention Process

Find A Solution
Dr. Stanger believes that starting where the client is and meeting the client where they are is the most important and crucial aspect of her work. One of Dr. Stanger’s greatest strengths is the ability to create movement within the family. Creating solutions is key to overall success.

Create An Intervention Team
Over the years, Dr. Stanger has learned that working with other highly skilled and talented professionals enhances the intervention process and allows family, friends and the loved one more flexibility and ability to relate in a safe way. Meet our strategic partners.

Address Safety Issues
Safety issues are addressed in a robust fashion and working in tandem gives people the opportunity to relate to the person they feel most comfortable with. Dr. Louise and her teammates believe working with individuals who are in the midst of a mental health, substance abuse and other crisis demands the utmost sensitivity, flexibility and professional skills.

Educate The Support Team
In contrast to many intervention styles, Dr. Stanger is committed to helping intervention teams become healthier and stronger as well. She helps each member of the team develop and practice self-care, setting clear boundaries.

Guide The Decision-Making Process
Dr. Louise guides families in selecting treatment centers that match their loved one’s needs and their pocket books. As an independent interventionist, she is not related to any treatment center in the country meaning she has no fiduciary relationships with any center ensuring the highest ethical conduct.

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