Professional Interventionist

Dr. Louise Stanger

Dr. Stanger is an award-winning mental health and addiction specialist with four decades of experience.

She believes an intervention is an invitation to change. She guides individuals and families as they create new possibilities to live peacefully in the present and with hope for the future.

Dr. Louise Stanger

Accolades and Accreditations

Do you…

  • live in CONSTANT fear for a loved one?
  • WORRY that you have a narcissist in your life?
  • want to DISCOVER how to help yourself or someone you love?
  • need help with LIFE-SAVING intervention strategies?
  • dream of a life that is THRIVING instead of just surviving?

My mission is to bring hope and compassion to those affected by addiction and mental illness, and help people heal their families.

Learn To Thrive

Beyond Addiction and Mental Illness

With an invitational approach, the first steps to recovery may be bridged with compassion, integrity, and great care.



Intervention services are customized for each client to meet the needs of the individual and the family.

Dr. Stanger personally leads all interventions.

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She believes working with individuals who are in the midst of a mental health, substance abuse and other crisis demands the utmost sensitivity, flexibility and professional skills. As a licensed clinician and mandated reporter, Dr. Stanger’s clients are assured the highest ethical standards.


Services include Recovery Coaching and a 10-Hour Family Coaching.

Helping individuals and families navigate the painful world of living with  addiction and mental health issues.

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Dr. Stanger works with business managers, estate attorneys, etc to guide all members of the family and team in the creation of healthy lifestyles and boundaries. She works hand in hand with other professionals, physicians, therapists and treatment centers to insure an individual and families success.

Programs, Training, Speaking

Services include family program development for treatment centers, on-site training and workshops for staff, and keynote speaking for conferences throughout the US.

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Her experience combined with her natural ability as a storyteller brings her keynotes to life & leaves her audiences with practical knowledge that can be applied in their own lives & careers. Her audiences describe her style as thought provoking, uplifting, authentic, and inspiring.


Alcohol Addiction

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Drug Addiction

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Trauma Recovery

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Mental Illness

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Process Disorders

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Failure to Launch

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Chronic Pain

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Aging & Addiction

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Opioids & Pain Management

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Who Dr. Stanger Works With

  • Families
  • Couples
  • Individuals
  • Treatment Centers

Helping those who have been affected by addiction, mental health and behavioral health issues. She guides each party through the intervention process.

Working Remotely or In Person

Much of the pre-intervention work happens through phone conversations with the family and other loved ones.

Dr. Stanger travels the country performing in-person interventions from southern California to Manhattan, New York.


3 Simple Steps

It all starts with a free, confidential conversation.

Dr. Stanger then creates a plan for success. She identifies the intervention & support team and outlines the steps in the process.

In the final step, Dr. Stanger leads the intervention, guiding your loved one to treatment that matches both needs & budget.


Start A Conversation

Create A Plan For Success

Guide Your Family To Recovery

From Fear To Hope

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