David Kracov

Often families come to me when their imagination, their hope is gone. I ask them to:

Imagine what would it be like for you to not worry at night about your loved one

Imagine not having to call the police

Imagine not having to wonder where someone is

Imagine not having credit card bills from unknown places

Imagine not worrying about who your spouse/daughter/son slept with or where they are

Imagine not being raged at

Imagine not thinking, “it is all my fault”

Imagine not throwing away bottles, not stumbling over drug paraphernalia

Imagine not wondering what these little white plastic bags of sugar are hidden under the bed and in sock drawers

Imagine not wondering what that smell is–whose bongs are these

Imagine not getting a call from the hospital, from the dean of students saying your student overdosed

Imagine not having to wonder where all your money went

Imagine the kids not cowering when mommy’s drunk or when dad comes screaming home

Imagine brothers and sisters not having to drive with their sister who is loaded and behind the wheel

Imagine not being afraid to leave your 3 year-old with grandma, with grandpa

Imagine not being lied to
– not being cheated on
– no more secrets


Imagine not having to imagine!