Books on Addiction, Intervention, & Healthy Living

Dr. Stanger’s publications dive into topics such as finding happiness, spirituality, boundaries, family and how to lead a Loved One back to hope.


Praised by experts and families alike. These books provide actionable insights for anyone struggling with to live their best life.

A must-read for clinicians wanting to fine-tune their current skill-set to become more proficient agents of change.

Lauren M. Walton, MD, ABAM, FAPA

Board Certified Addiction Psychiatrist, Long Beach, CA

Fueled by experience, tempered with compassion, and offering practical intervention strategies to be imposed without judgment.

Caren Sax, Ed. D

Professor in Rehabilitation Counseling and Chair of the Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, & Postsecondary Education, San Diego State University

Filled with creative techniques, Learn to Thrive can help quell your doubts about getting a loved one the help s/he needs. Learn about effective and novel ways to approach an addict in your family

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Learn to Thrive

An intervention is an invitation for your loved one to find solutions for their substance abuse and/or mental health problems they are experiencing, seek appropriate treatment solutions and discover new healthy ways of living. Additionally, it is a systematic process that helps everyone involved accept that the person they value and love has a serious problem.

Download this free e-book to learn more about the intervention process and arm yourself with the knowledge to make a great decision for yourself and your loved ones.

Aging & Addiction: The Silver Tsunami

This free resources aims to bring awareness to what Dr. Stanger calls the Silver Tsunami of aging and substance abuse.

This guide is for everyone. Whether you are a sufferer of substance abuse or mental health, or you are a supportive family member, social workers and healthcare professional, this book is created for you.

Shame and stigma are just two of the reasons this growing issue remains invisible and goes mostly untreated. Yet, the research is compelling: seniors who are willing to seek treatment have better outcomes than younger adults facing the exact same issue. That’s why it is imperative that we continue to highlight this issue and work together toward recovery. 

The Definitive Guide to Addiction Intervention: A Collective Strategy

The first academic text on the subject of addiction interventions, expert interventionist Dr. Stanger co-authored The Definitive Guide to Addiction Interventions: A Collective Strategy.

At the request of Routledge, Dr. Stanger set out to provide a collective strategy to introduce people to the best practices in addiction intervention, bridging the gap between theory and practice.

The book makes intervention success accessible, while pulling from decades of experience in behavioral health and academia with rich detail and thorough analysis. The book includes downloadable worksheets to further enrich the reader’s practical experience.


Falling Up: A Memoir of Renewal

In Dr. Stanger’s highly praised memoir, she takes you on a journey of vulnerability as she tells personal stories of tears and laughter. Read how her own path from awkward little girl to fearless adult now resonates for others who collectively share her human experience.