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Thank You For Your Military Service

I want to thank the military men and women past and present for their service and the thousands of behavioral health practitioners, doctors, psychologists, social workers, counselors and volunteers who dedicate their professional lives to them.

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From Worry to Wonder to Action

The other day I traveled to San Diego and had the opportunity to hear Shelby Stanger (who also happens to be my youngest daughter) speak to a crowd of 500 influencers at Creative Mornings. Creative Mornings is a community that hosts monthly events to bring people of...

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Pot Party At 72?

Can you believe I was invited to a pot party at 72? Today I experienced a first. I was invited to a pot party. Not just any party, a high school reunion party. It started out harmless. One kind fellow from my high school offered his beautiful home to host a Southern...

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Aging in the Time of the Silver Tsunami

A recent client of mine, Stacey, was ambivalent about seeking help for her mother, Catherine. She wasn’t sure how to approach the issue. Stacey, a busy mom herself with four kids, a husband and a side career didn’t have time to deal with what was developing with her...

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Dr. Stanger on That Sober Guy Podcast

TSG Ep259 - Managing Your Kids Screen Time, Teen Vaping, Marijuana & Parenting with Dr. Louise Stanger Dr. Louise Stanger from All About Interventions joins the show to talk about parenting, how to manage your kids screen time, marijuana, and how teen vaping is so...

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