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Neuroscience: 5 Keys to Engagement and Recovery

Imagine that as I stand at my computer suddenly tranquil music starts playing and later a buzzer sounds to keep me moving - standing up or sitting down. This continues, driving me to stay focused, on schedule, and finish my tasks for the day. The future is here....

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How to Talk to High Wealth Clients

Mindy first reached out to me after an incident occurred with her husband Bob and their granddaughter Lucy. She was at her wits end. Mindy was panicky over a series of phone calls, worried she’d never see her granddaughter again. “It’s okay Mindy,” I said in a...

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*** Originally appeared in Sober World. By Louise Stanger Ed.D., LCSW, CDWF, CIP and Roger Porter When Milly’s father called, he discovered Milly’s dark secret. He tried to be a compassionate and attentive father as she broke down in tears and explained what was going...

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6 Fears Of Snow Plow Parents

In the wake of the recent college admissions scandal, much has been written about the new term given to parents who are all but living their child’s life for them: Snow Plow Parents. In case you missed it, The New York Times painted a vivid picture of it last week in...

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Where Have All The Ethics Gone?

My head is swirling in disbelief. My heart is aching. Each day hundreds of our young ones are dying from alcohol, tobacco, opioids and other drugs. Anxiety and teen depression rates are soaring. Marijuana is legal and is being touted as a drug for the rich and famous....

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Speeding in the Slow Lane – Lessons in Vulnerability

I have a breaking point of sorts. When life gets me down and there are too many things that are beyond my scope, I seem to have a peculiar knack (not a huge knock-down- drag-out), rather a ridiculous marshmallow pillow fight of a melt down and get myself into a bit of...

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