What Is Addiction?

Addiction may be diagnosed as a substance abuse disorder (alcohol, legal drugs, illegal drugs), or a process addiction disorder (food, internet, sex, gambling, debt) or a mental health disorder (depression, bi-polar, mania, borderline).

Articles About  Addiction

What’s Brotopia?

Anyone familiar with Greek mythology knows it doesn’t turn out so well for Narcissus. So transfixed with his own beauty, Narcissus died staring at his reflection in a pond. Of course this is where we get the term narcissism, a personality disorder seeping into the...

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The Big Green Rush – Has WeHo Gone to Pot?

Los Angeles, home to West Hollywood, the La La Land of lines, waiting to hit the Red Carpet, Elton John’s famed Oscar party to support the AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Gay Pride Parades, the largest Halloween event in the country, openings of Shake Shack, and now...

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An Auspicious Journey

As I reflect on the first leg of my trip, an auspicious journey to Bhutan, I realize it is ever noteworthy in my mind. When we first arrived - bleary-eyed, frazzled and exhausted - I wondered why in the world did I ever think this was a good idea. The city looked...

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Holiday Rush: Teens & Pharm Parties

*This article was originally published on Huffington Post. To read the original, click here. Gene Siskel, the prolific film critic made famous by his thumbs up or down movie reviews, said that if you want a sign of the times, look no further than the movies. Movies...

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Podcast – Recovery Unscripted, Intervention RoundTable

Recovery Unscripted is a podcast that aims to provide both education and inspiration by exploring different topics through conversations, stories, and insights from a variety of figures. I was recently asked to be part of a panel on interventions and am thankful to...

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