Failure To Launch

What Is Failure to Launch?

The term “failure to launch” refers to the difficulties some young adults face when transitioning into their next phase of growth development. At this critical stage (ages 18-28), independence and responsibility for young adults surmounts, and for some it can be a struggle.

Articles About Failure To Launch

Meet the Parents — Helicopters, Submarines, and You

I was pleased to contribute an article to this month’s issue of The Sober World magazine. See an excerpt below. In the 1969 best-selling book titled "Between Parent and Teenager", Dr. Hiam Ginott coined the term helicopter parent when he was describing a teen...

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From 17 to 77: Failure to Launch

For my long time email subscribers, you probably know that my speaking engagements and trainings for staff and families is original content, backed by current research. Today, I want to talk to you about  a subject I recently addressed at the Innovations in Recovery...

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