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The Importance of Family

Recovery is most likely when supported through relationships and social networks. Family members are often the main champions of their loved one’s recovery. Family provides essential support for those fighting addiction. Family and friends can also find positive healing and hope, even during this difficult process. During recovery, family members may experience changes or shifts to their social, occupational, and financial lives. They may begin to see challenges as well to the overall quality of family life they’ve known. Experiences like this often create family stress, guilt, shame, anger, fear, anxiety, loss, grief, and isolation. Hope and resilience in recovery is as vital for family members, who need support to promote their own health and well-being.

Articles About Family

How Families Can Help Deal with Drug Addiction

Drug Addiction Statistics In The U.S. We are a nation in crisis. There is hardly a family that has not been affected by addiction. The statistics on the matter of opioids, alcohol and marijuana are alarming: 105 American lives are lost each day to an opioid-related...

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3 Ways Addiction Tricks You With Big Lies

This article originally appeared on the Huffington Post. A trickster is defined as a “deceiver, cheater, or fraud.” However, in mythology, the trickster is studied up close in folklore and religion. Going beyond the simple cheater definition, a trickster is a...

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Trauma, PTSD and Children

Share This Infographic To share this infographic, simply copy the code below and paste it into the HTML section of your website. All About Interventions All About Interventions Trauma is subjective, meaning what matters most is the individual’s internal beliefs and...

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Top 10 Parenting Tips

Folks often ask us what tips and strategies can you give us to be a better parent. The truth is being a parent is hard - there are no high school, college or graduate school courses devoted to parenting. Many of us grew up in households with physical, mental health,...

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How Addiction Impacts Financial Management

John Collins, Director of Investment Advisory & Principal of Aspiriant, recently published an article titled, "Addiction and Financial Management", in which he discusses the difficult situation that a wealth advisor sometimes finds himself or herself in when a client...

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