Holidays And Seasonal

Holidays And Seasonal Changes

Do you feel down during the holidays? If so, you are not alone. Below we talk about  the difference between Seasonal Affective Disorder & Holiday Blues, as well as how you can help manage and even overcome them.

Articles About Holidays And Season Changes

Never Mind the Zombies!

Updated October, 2017 October is one of my favorite months! I love the smell of autumn trees, rustling and changing colors, and it’s my daughter Felicia’s birth month as is mine, which our family celebrates with much joy. Speaking of October, my City of West Hollywood...

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Be Scary Safe: Four Sobering Tips for Halloween

Halloween isn’t just about trick or treating and bobbing for apples! On a night of costumed toddlers filling bags of candy, many adults consider alcohol the real “treat” of the night. reminds us that Halloween may have an ever scarier trick in store for...

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It’s that time of year again! Significant holidays are a time many people look forward to, as they bring opportunities to spend time with friends and family to eat, drink and socialize. Holidays can also bring extra burdens, such as the financial stress of shopping...

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20 Dependable Holiday Stress Busters

I have a theory regarding holiday stress: In the month of December, high levels of Cortisol (stress hormone) turn 80 percent of the American population into fruitcakes — just like the stale one delivered to your house yesterday. Because on top of adding 675 things to...

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