What Is An Intervention?

An Intervention, in all of its many forms, is an invitation for your loved one to find solutions for their substance abuse and/or mental health problems they are experiencing, seek appropriate treatment solutions and discover new healthy ways of living.

Every day, people are invited to change. Sometimes change occurs in hospitals, through the legal system, by being ask to leave school or at work.

Licensed professionals, social workers, lawyers, addiction specialists, mental health workers, and interventionists such as Dr. Stanger, invite clients to explore ways to improve their lives. As licensed professionals, we are always inviting our clients to explore ways to improve their lives. We empower clients to be the captains of their well-being.

Articles About Interventions

Podcast – Recovery Unscripted, Intervention RoundTable

Recovery Unscripted is a podcast that aims to provide both education and inspiration by exploring different topics through conversations, stories, and insights from a variety of figures. I was recently asked to be part of a panel on interventions and am thankful to...

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Trauma & Addiction — What’s The Difference?

This article originally appeared on Huffington Post. Over the last couple years, more and more treatment centers have started saying they specialize in “Trauma Informed Therapies.” We marvel over this, as clearly indigenous to substance abuse, mental health and...

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Digital Media Marketing and Interventionists Etiquette

I love the fact that in the digital media age we can connect across the globe on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms have become major marketing tools. Since 1973, I have been a licensed clinician and a proud interventionist. I...

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[Infographic] Rethinking Triple Threat

In my article for the Huffington Post in 2015, I addressed something I called the Triple Threat. Here is an excerpt from that article Until the ‘80s, it used to be that clients coming in for treatment were typically corralled into two discrete camps: the mentally ill...

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Interventions: Now and Then

This month, I’ve chosen to dedicate my blog to Interventions. If I think back just 10 years ago, the intervention process was known by only a handful of people and the public was not informed. With the advent of the TV show, “Interventions”, became public knowledge...

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