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What Can Parents Do?

There have been many a parent or spouse, brother or sister, who has lost their way in their worry about their loved one. They have forgotten their hopes and dreams and locked them in a trunk waiting until their loved one improves, feeling absolutely powerless. Creating healthy boundaries will allow these feeling to dissipate.

Articles About Parenting

Thank You For Your Military Service

I want to thank the military men and women past and present for their service and the thousands of behavioral health practitioners, doctors, psychologists, social workers, counselors and volunteers who dedicate their professional lives to them.

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From Worry to Wonder to Action

The other day I traveled to San Diego and had the opportunity to hear Shelby Stanger (who also happens to be my youngest daughter) speak to a crowd of 500 influencers at Creative Mornings. Creative Mornings is a community that hosts monthly events to bring people of...

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Dr. Stanger on That Sober Guy Podcast

TSG Ep259 - Managing Your Kids Screen Time, Teen Vaping, Marijuana & Parenting with Dr. Louise Stanger Dr. Louise Stanger from All About Interventions joins the show to talk about parenting, how to manage your kids screen time, marijuana, and how teen vaping is so...

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*** Originally appeared in Sober World. By Louise Stanger Ed.D., LCSW, CDWF, CIP and Roger Porter When Milly’s father called, he discovered Milly’s dark secret. He tried to be a compassionate and attentive father as she broke down in tears and explained what was going...

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6 Fears Of Snow Plow Parents

In the wake of the recent college admissions scandal, much has been written about the new term given to parents who are all but living their child’s life for them: Snow Plow Parents. In case you missed it, The New York Times painted a vivid picture of it last week in...

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Where Have All The Ethics Gone?

My head is swirling in disbelief. My heart is aching. Each day hundreds of our young ones are dying from alcohol, tobacco, opioids and other drugs. Anxiety and teen depression rates are soaring. Marijuana is legal and is being touted as a drug for the rich and famous....

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