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Let’s explore how addiction & behavioral health struggles impact our society & communities.

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Speeding in the Slow Lane – Lessons in Vulnerability

I have a breaking point of sorts. When life gets me down and there are too many things that are beyond my scope, I seem to have a peculiar knack (not a huge knock-down- drag-out), rather a ridiculous marshmallow pillow fight of a melt down and get myself into a bit of...

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3 Ways An Intervention Leads Families From Fear to Hope

  As a licensed clinician and a professional interventionist, I have seen how addiction impacts the whole family. Whether it’s your birth family, your chosen family, or your work family, I know how painful it is to watch someone you love struggle with substance...

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Things I Learned on my Pilgrimage to the Pacific

This trip – a mother-daughter adventure – was also a pilgrimage in honor of my mother, Dorothy Schwartz Silverblatt Wallach Levine, who lived in Oahu until she died. It’s hard for me to grasp she died over 25 years ago. Today I am only a few years younger, eight to be...

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Grudges, Making Amends & Letting Go

One of my favorite sayings that the indomitable David Zint, a motivational coach and Soul Cycle instructor says is: “we repeat what we do not repair.” Such was the case I recently experienced. Sometimes you want something so badly that you err. I wanted so badly to be...

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The Invited Guest

Nefesh Orthodox Jewish Mental Health conference Have you ever been invited to a stranger’s home and wondered what the people and dinner would be like? You have a few ideas based on pictures you have created in your mind’s eye, though, truly have no idea of what will...

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How To Talk To Your Friend About Their Drug Problem

Talking to a friend about personal matters is never easy. Talking to them about their alcohol or other drug use can be even harder. Drug addiction is an escalating problem in the United States and there is a good chance that you know at least one person with a...

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