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Let’s explore how addiction & behavioral health struggles impact our society & communities.

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How to Deal with Toxic Family During the Holidays

There’s a brisk chill is in the air, and in certain parts of the country the first snowflakes are falling. Beautiful lights and decorations adorn many downtown buildings, and the comforting scents of your favorite foods will soon be wafting out from kitchens. The...

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How To Talk To Your Partner About Their Porn Addiction

Pornography seems to be everywhere these days. While a person used to have to slink off to the special video store or awkwardly buy a magazine, they can now easily access any type of adult-oriented movies or images with just a few clicks online. Unfortunately, this...

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How To Speak To Your Parent About Their Addiction Problem

Addiction affects loved ones differently, but it’s always a struggle to navigate any relationship with an alcoholic or addict. While teens struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse can be extremely difficult for parents, the situation becomes even trickier when the...

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Fox News 11 Interviews Dr Stanger About Opioid Addiction

Fox 11 News invites Dr. Louise Stanger to their show to discuss the opioid epidemic, strategies to combat it, and how to get help when it’s needed most.

Dr. Stanger is a licensed, professional interventionist who specializes in helping families develop strategies to deal with drug & alcohol addiction or mental health illnesses. Her invitational technique opens the door for hope for all involved in the process.

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Dr. Stanger Receives Service Award at Friendly House LA

I am feeling immense gratitude at present for the incredible honor of receiving the Excellence in Service Award from Peggy Albrecht Friendly House last month. I want to thank Friendly House and all the attendees at the 29th Annual Awards Luncheon. I also want to thank...

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5 Ways to Create Your Own Affirmations

This year I made a commitment to think and act abundantly with increased compassion and gratitude for myself and for everyone around me. To do so, I must be more mindful and present. I dusted off my rendition of Headspace (not sure how you dust off an app) and made a...

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