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Let’s explore how addiction & behavioral health struggles impact our society & communities.

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The Invited Guest

Nefesh Orthodox Jewish Mental Health conference Have you ever been invited to a stranger’s home and wondered what the people and dinner would be like? You have a few ideas based on pictures you have created in your mind’s eye, though, truly have no idea of what will...

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How To Talk To Your Friend About Their Drug Problem

Talking to a friend about personal matters is never easy. Talking to them about their alcohol or other drug use can be even harder. Drug addiction is an escalating problem in the United States and there is a good chance that you know at least one person with a...

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Holiday Health for Seniors

The holidays are filled with many opportunities for people of all ages to create beautiful memories as they gather with family and friends. This season also brings a few challenges for staying healthy, especially for our beloved senior citizens. This year, consider...

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How to Deal with Toxic Family During the Holidays

There’s a brisk chill is in the air, and in certain parts of the country the first snowflakes are falling. Beautiful lights and decorations adorn many downtown buildings, and the comforting scents of your favorite foods will soon be wafting out from kitchens. The...

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How To Talk To Your Partner About Their Porn Addiction

Pornography seems to be everywhere these days. While a person used to have to slink off to the special video store or awkwardly buy a magazine, they can now easily access any type of adult-oriented movies or images with just a few clicks online. Unfortunately, this...

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How To Speak To Your Parent About Their Addiction Problem

Addiction affects loved ones differently, but it’s always a struggle to navigate any relationship with an alcoholic or addict. While teens struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse can be extremely difficult for parents, the situation becomes even trickier when the...

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