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5 Ways to Create Your Own Affirmations

This year I made a commitment to think and act abundantly with increased compassion and gratitude for myself and for everyone around me. To do so, I must be more mindful and present. I dusted off my rendition of Headspace (not sure how you dust off an app) and made a...

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10 Ways Forgiveness May Lead You To Compassion

Summertime is a time for us to kick back, reflect and enjoy the outdoors, the sun and some casual activities. With walks to Soul Cycle in crisp mornings and strolls through my neighborhood in magic hour light, the summer season has me ruminating about resentments,...

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How Do You Listen

With 2018 in full swing, we are wise to ask and reflect upon how well we listen to one another. As an addiction, behavioral health care expert, clinician and thought leader, I believe it is imperative that we take time to listen to our colleagues, family, friends and...

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An Auspicious Journey

As I reflect on the first leg of my trip, an auspicious journey to Bhutan, I realize it is ever noteworthy in my mind. When we first arrived - bleary-eyed, frazzled and exhausted - I wondered why in the world did I ever think this was a good idea. The city looked...

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What Powerlessness Teaches Me About Spirituality

This article originally published on Huffington Post. I wonder how many other people are turning 71 today. I know I am and part of me thinks of myself as a young child ready to take on new, wild adventures, forge sterling ideas and keep on dancing, laughing and...

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