Wellness And Recovery

What Is Wellness And Recovery?

Let’s explore the ways to wellness and keys, and tips, for recovery in the articles below.

Articles About Wellness & Recovery

Speeding in the Slow Lane – Lessons in Vulnerability

I have a breaking point of sorts. When life gets me down and there are too many things that are beyond my scope, I seem to have a peculiar knack (not a huge knock-down- drag-out), rather a ridiculous marshmallow pillow fight of a melt down and get myself into a bit of...

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Grudges, Making Amends & Letting Go

One of my favorite sayings that the indomitable David Zint, a motivational coach and Soul Cycle instructor says is: “we repeat what we do not repair.” Such was the case I recently experienced. Sometimes you want something so badly that you err. I wanted so badly to be...

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Holiday Health for Seniors

The holidays are filled with many opportunities for people of all ages to create beautiful memories as they gather with family and friends. This season also brings a few challenges for staying healthy, especially for our beloved senior citizens. This year, consider...

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5 Ways to Create Your Own Affirmations

This year I made a commitment to think and act abundantly with increased compassion and gratitude for myself and for everyone around me. To do so, I must be more mindful and present. I dusted off my rendition of Headspace (not sure how you dust off an app) and made a...

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Swing Into Recovery with Golf

My husband, John Wadas CFRE, as some of you may know, is a certified funding executive and retired athletic director (SDSU, ASU, South Florida and Long Beach State). Along with his wrestling prowess, he is a former collegiate golf coach and sat on the NCAA Division I...

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