Dr. Louise Stanger’s natural ability as a storyteller brings her keynotes to life & leaves her audiences with practical knowledge that can be applied in their own lives & careers. Her audiences describe her style as thought provoking, uplifting, authentic, and inspiring.

She taps into her career to weave in stories & insights that can only be gained through experience. Her topics include addiction, substance abuse, mental health, trauma, aging, failure to launch, chronic pain, process disorders, and more.


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Event Feedback 

  • My favorite presenter of the day! High energy
  • I absolutely loved her presentation, it was my FAVORITE. She was knowledgeable, interesting, kept my attention. I give her a perfect score. Please BRING HER BACK!!!
  • Very information on chronic pain and mental health
  • Louise is amazing! So entertaining and had some great stories and experience
  • Wow! Thank you!
  • Very personable and energetic! Favorite presenter of the day!
  • Great insight in how some clients may be misdiagnosed.
  • She’s so much fun! Knowledgeable and a spunky personality
  • Great energy, fellow social worker, awesome topic, new ways to think of pain and addiction
  • X-cellent
  • Would have liked even more time to hear practical techniques
  • Excellent!