Strategic Partners

These are my go to people when I need advice and counsel on complicated issues. I can pick up the phone and call them and they will respond immediately and I have They are experts in their field from behavioral health care law, accreditation and licensing to chronic pain, women, relationships, adolescents, interventions and more. While I refer to many different treatment centers across the country, this is a group of people that I can always count on you to help me sort through difficult issues.

These are folks that energize and inspire me with their knowledge, dedication and willingness to pick up the phone and consult.

Harry Nelson, Esq

Expert in Compliance & Beahvorial Healthcare Law
Founding and Managing Partner of Nelson Hardiman LLP

Laurie Reid

Expert in Joint Commission Accreditation

Dr. James Flowers

Expert in Chronic Pain
Founder & CEO of Driftwood & Khemah Palm

Dawn Fey Hedgepeth

Senior Fellow with Brene Brown’s Daring Way

Dr. Jeff Nalin

Founder and Executive Director of Paradigm Treatment Centers
Expert in Adolescents

Dr. Cherlyne Short Majors

Founder & CEO Women’s Global Alliance in Behavioral Health

Manny Rodriguez

Expert in LGBT – Transgender
 CEO & Founder La Fuente Hollywood Treatment Center

Dr. Deborah Sweet

Expert in Trauma Counseling
Founder Trauma Counseling Center of Los Angeles

Joe Capela

Expert in Substance Abuse

Lori Jean Glass

Founder & CEO of Pivot
Expert in Relational Attachment

Robyn Goldberg

Registered Dietician
Expert in Nutrition & Health

Jeffrey J Merrick, Esq

Expert in Alternative Sentencing

David Malow

Expert in Recovery & Safe Transport
CEO & Founder of Recovery GPS

Ashton Abernethy

Expert in Behavioral Health Insurance
President & CEO of AVA Billing And Consulting

Lee Weber

Expert in SEO
Behavioral Healthcare Marketing
Addiction Treatment Writing

Jeff Skillen

Expert in Communications & Media Relations
Skillset Enterprises, LLC

Deja Reilly

Expert in Wellness Coach & Motiviational Speaking
Box Union

David Zint

Wellness Expert
Motivational Speaker
Soul Cycle

Denise Klein, MSW

Expert in Social Work
CEO and Co-owner of Milestones Ranch Malibu