Young Man Addicted To Meth Turns Life Around After Treatment

Much to my surprise, he came up to me at an alumni event for a treatment center 2 years later. He said, “I need to make amends. I want to thank you so much for saving my life.”

Sam. 20-year male.

Meth Addiction

Los Angeles

I became involved with helping Sam after his family grew alarmed, and scared, by his erratic behavior. Sam’s mounting legal troubles were coming to a head, and more importantly, they worried for his life.

The intervention I led with Sam and his family took place at his apartment complex. It was not, initially, a smooth transition. Sam was high, and when we first approached him, he grew agitated and started running around the apartment building, screaming and swearing at the top of his lungs.

The commotion upset his family, and eventually, a cop arrived and Sam had to make a difficult decision: did he want to go to jail or go in for treatment?

Sam chose to go to treatment center, but he left before finishing the program. His family persisted. They reached back out to me, and this time we were able to get Sam to fully commit to a treatment program. His decision came without threat by the police, it was something he decided (and needed to decide) on his own.

By accepting treatment and working through underlying issues, Sam was able to get clean from Meth, opioids, and a mixture of drugs. He was able to resolve his legal problems, and go on to start a new, successful career. Today Sam lives a life he is very proud of; a life he fought for and deserves.

Sam’s family was initially resistant to coaching, but they stayed with the program and the process, and found new tools to cope with how addiction has affected their family. These tools enabled each family member to move forward with hope. They have since reached out to me, stating I helped them through the most difficult time in their lives. I told them, as I’m telling you, I am thankful they put their trust in me. It is my life’s work to help famliies like theirs find the path toward hope and healing.

Much to my surprise, Sam came up to me at an alumni event for a treatment center two years later. He told me, “I need to make amends. I want to thank you so much for saving my life. I know that when we met, I really didn’t like you. In fact, I remember calling you every name under the sun. I was so high that I was running around an apartment building while my mother chased me.”

Sam’s story is one of remarkable transformation. He and his family learned to overcome an incredibly difficult addiction. They did so by sticking together and working as a team. Ultimately, Sam had to make the choice to change, but it was the support of those who love him that helped him have the strength to make the right choice.

Are you ready to help someone make the choice for change?