Getting Help For Grandma’s Drinking Problem

When things seemed beyond repairable, this family reached out for help and found recovery.


Alcohol Addiction

Los Angeles

Though the family was aware that grandma drank “too much,” it was all too easy to turn a blind eye to the behavior. That is until someone got hurt. During a golf outing, this grandma wound up flipping the golf cart and accidentally breaking her granddaughter’s arm.  

The family was at the end of their rope. In fact, they had almost decided not to seek help at all. Frustrated and angry, they were tempted not to even discuss treatment options (again) with grandma. 

In my years of experience, I have come to understand the unique nature of late onset alcoholism. Many older adults are facing drug and alcohol issues as they age; and shame and stigma often prevent them from getting help. 

By educating the family and bringing awareness to the complexity of this issue, I was able to lead a successful intervention to bring about a choice for change. The family was able to work through their issues and support grandma as she sought recovery.

Research indicates that seniors willing to seek treatment actually fair far better than younger adults facing the same issues. 

Are you ready to help a senior find their way back to health?