Successful Attorney Passes Out In Court, Co-Workers Find Help

Co-workers are just as important as family when it comes to identifying an addiction.  They can also be just as significant for support and recovery. 

Female attorney

Alcohol Addiction



Like so many high-functioning alcoholics and addicts, this attorney had a very successful career and was hiding her issues well. Many alcoholics and addicts can do this for years as their dependency increases. Eventually, as the problem escalates it also becomes impossible to ignore. In this case, the partners in the firm were unaware of how severe her issue was until she passed out in court. 

It’s not always family that reaches out for help. In this case, it was the law firm partners who were concerned. The wife of the head partner contacted me to see how my services could help. 

In my decades of experience I have seen just how important a strong recovery team is to overall success of treatment. In this case, the attorney’s co-workers and partners had her best interests at heart. During the intervention, I was able to show her their level of care and concern and she was ready to get help.  

With the support of her recovery team, she was able to find find health and wellness again. She continues to work and build a thriving practice, back alongside the co-workers who helped her get there. 

Do you know someone who needs help?