Well Known Attorney Almost Loses Everything

After hitting rock bottom, this attorney got his life together. 

Well-known attorney 

Alcohol Addiction

San Diego

Despite a noticeable drinking habit, this attorney continued to excel in his career and social life. Highly respected and well-regarded, his behaviors continued to escalate. Though many tried to talk to him before it happened, it took a drunk-driving accident for him to recognize the severity of his habits. 


His wife reached out to me after being referred by a local psychologist. I developed an invitational intervention plan for him that allowed us to challenge his drinking problem without putting him in a defensive position.

The intervention came after a drunk driving accident, which of course helped open his eyes to reality of his situation. At first, he was still reluctant to discuss treatment options for fear of how it would look to the partners at his law firm and some of his clients if they found out. I also talked to him about how much more he could lose, both professionally and personally, if his alcohol abuse didn’t change. 

He agreed to go to treatment. While he was in a treatment facility, he received a visit from the head partner at their law firm, where he was reassured of his position within the firm and the fact that he had 100% support from everyone at his work family.

As a result, this attorney was able to return to his job, find continued success and maintain his well-respected reputation.

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