Young Woman Overcomes Chronic Pain & Addiction

Once addicted to opioids, this young woman got to the root of her issue and overcame both chronic pain and addiction. 


Opioid Addiction


I became involved with helping Maddi after spending years in and out of various treatment centers, fighting an opioid addiction stemming from chronic pain and multiple surgeries.  

The intervention I led with Maddi and her family was the start to a whole new life for them all. Through my invitational intervention approach, we uncovered the real root of Maddi’s addiction. though she had her first accident at 14, leading to multiple surgeries over the years, that was not the source of Maddi’s pain. 

As with so many addicts, Maddi had experienced trauma in her life. As a result, she lost her sense of security. This underlying factor was the source of her addiction. By looking at a more robust picture of Maddi’s life, including the family’s own behaviors, we could identify the trauma and move Maddi towards recovery. 

Maddi was able to find therapy, hope and healing during her recovery process. As each client has a unique story, so too will their recovery be unique. That’s why I believe so strongly in a comprehensive approach to interventions. It is imperative to explore exactly which treatment path is the right one for each individual. 

Through Maddi’s recovery, the family as a whole found healing. The other members of the family also looked at their own patterns and made choices to live healthier lives. To this day, I am touched by the updates they provide about the successes they encounter.  

Are you ready to help someone make the choice for change?