Are you in a co-dependent relationship?

“The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This condition appears to run in different degrees, whereby the intensity of symptoms is on a spectrum of severity, as opposed to an all or nothing scale. Please note that only a qualified professional can make a diagnosis of co-dependency, not everyone experiencing these symptoms will be diagnosed as having co-dependent tendencies.

Created by Dr. Stanger. Simply answer yes or no to each question.

  • Do you keep quiet to avoid arguments?
  • Are you always worried about others’ opinions of you?
  • Have you ever lived with someone with an alcohol or drug problem?
  • Have you ever lived with someone who hits or belittles you?
  • Are the opinions of others more important than your own?
  • Do you have difficulty adjusting to changes at work or home?
  • Do you feel rejected when your significant other spends time with friends?
  • Do you doubt your ability to be who you want to be?
  • Are you uncomfortable expressing your true feelings to others?
  • Do you often feel inadequate?
  • Do you feel like a “bad person” when you make a mistake?
  • Do you have difficulty taking compliments or gifts?
  • Do you feel humiliation when your child or spouse makes a mistake?
  • Do you think people in your life would go downhill without your constant efforts?
  • Do you frequently wish someone could help you get things done?
  • Do you have difficulty talking to people in authority, such as the police or your boss?
  • Are you confused about who you are or where you are going with your life?
  • Do you have trouble saying “no” when asked for help?
  • Do you have trouble asking for help?
  • Do you have so many things going at once that you can’t do justice to any of them?

If you have answered yes to five or more of these, talking with Dr. Stanger will give you the opportunity to explore the possibilities available to you and your loved one.